Fairs and Exhibitions are increasingly becoming grounds where prospective buyers and suppliers can meet each other. Sea-Eagle Movers & Logistics recognizes the potential of fairs and an exhibition have for any Importer and Exporter and has gained substantial experience in handling shipments for fairs worldwide. We can offer services starting from ex works pick up of goods for fairs, freight movement by Air and Sea, customs clearance of the shipments and time sensitive delivery to the fair stands. We also offer storage of the fair material for short and long time periods, re packaging and re export of the shipment to the country of its origin or any other destination. Our Custom Brokerage services offer total control on Air and Sea operation through online, custom feasible, modern infrastructure, which is operated by trained professionals. We have a team of highly trained professionals, who take special measures to assure the safety of the goods and ensure proper execution of the services and conveniences of the customers.